The development of a true friendship is a great feeling. There are some friendships that start well but don’t last for long and there are some that seem to withstand everything that comes and end up lasting a long time. True friends won’t bring you down or do things to get you into trouble. The friends who will stick with you through good times and bad times are true friends. A wise friendship is characterized as a relationship between two people and is based on admiration, respect, positivity, courtesy, openness, empathy and support.


Just as it is important to make effective decisions about other aspects of your life, such as your diet, fitness levels, tv programs, subjects and many more, it is equally important to make wise decisions with whom you have friendships with. What does a good friendship mean to you? How do you differentiate and decide on whom to further friendships with? There are many ancient spiritual teachings that educate us to choose our company, for it with will define who we become. We are characterized by the company we keep. Bad company potentially corrupts good habits and values. Therefore the company we keep both reflects and shapes the kind of people we become. Despite what we may think of ourselves, we are influenced by the environment we live in and the people we associate with. So if you want to be more hardworking and studious, choose a friend who is hardworking and studious. There is a common saying; “If you run with the turkeys, you will not soar with the eagles.” Therefore, make wise choices starting today!

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